12 Big Ideas

Twelve Big Ideas behind our life at Joyland

These might be ideas you want to explore with us:

1. Our God is a happy family: the loving, eternal, and mysterious union of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (10/5/16)

2. Worship honors God and makes you happy. (11/4/16)

3. God never once lost sight of your created value—He sees you as you are and loves you just as He sees you. (11/30/16)

4. Here’s good news: God has already forgiven you and reconciled you to Himself through Jesus. (11/30/16)

5. The Bible is your invitation to believe in Jesus, know your Father, and experience Holy Spirit.

6. When you believe in Jesus, you begin to live His life in the eternal New Covenant with all its benefits.

7. God listens when you talk and talks when you listen. It’s called prayer.

8. The supernatural is natural to God. It can become natural to you through Holy Spirit’s presence, gifts, and lead.

9. Here’s an easy way to live like Jesus: Anytime you don’t know what to do, love someone.

10.There is no good reason to be afraid of the future.

11.Heaven is real—you might as well try to get used to it.

12.In spite of what you may have heard, following Jesus is fun.

I would love to explore any or all of these big ideas with you. If you want to discuss them head to our Facebook Group; Fresh Thoughts – Joyland. (Note: I will expound on each of these points with a dedicated blog post. Once the post is written you will see a date listed with an active link to the post. Comments and feedback are always welcome!)

Pastor Larry